About RuggedBoots Pro

About us

With over two decades experience in Content Creation and Media Production. Still Counting?

RuggedBoots Production, is a Content Creation, Cinematography and Photography Hub, in Lagos Metropolis, a privately registered Media Production Company offering core Production services through its subsidiaries, sharing common goal of impacting value through excellent service delivery at all times while supporting our customers and partners to meet their goals and objectives.

With Core competence in Video Production, Photography, Graphic Designs, Animation, Audio Production, Sound, Light, Screen and Stage supply, we offer services that cut across Creative Content Development to broadcast.

Our office facility (with production & editing suites that are equipped with state of the art broadcast systems) is craftily designed to offer required technical backbone that supports our creative efforts.

Our creative Producers, photographers, videographers and editors are highly experienced and professional, we are confident that our people carry warmness to work as we bring ideas to reality.

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Total multimedia solution with a Spiced Stand-alone services

Ruggedboots production offer concept development and scripting services that positions us to engage with our customers during the production (before and after) stage and all across the lifecycle of the project.

We've Got You Covered!

Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production

We offer total multimedia solution and also provide stand-alone services, which allow us the flexibility required by our customers.

In our passion to offer value, we have a simplistic approach to our customer engagement strategy and value service offering;

We fit ourselves into the customers’ shoes and come up with creative proposals backed by our knowledge of the customer’s target market. In this case, we meet with the customer to discuss this proposal and potential value for customer acceptance.
We build and establish a partnership relationship with our customers, which position us to become their trusted advisor. We are able to seat with the customers to understand their goals and objectives after which we provide value proposition to assist our customers excel in their plans.
We are at all times conscious that our aim in giving excellent service is to delight our customers and as a key part of our customer engagement we seek win-win situation for all parties.
Our business ethos is summed up in the acronym “C3” from Capture, Create and Captivate. Our objective at all time is to Capture (to understand and/or record) clients brief accurately in word, pictures or video; to Create (to develop, birth, bring into existence, or to make new) imaginatively and to Captivate (to attract, hold the interest, command attention by being extremely interesting, exciting, pleasant) with our output.