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RuggedBoots Pro Team

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Sayo Aluko

Head, Creative Director

Our erudite team of dynamic professionals is headed by Sayo Aluko, a Content Creator, a Creative Director, Astute Producer, graduate of NewYork Film Academy, a professional photographer/cinematographer – hybrid videographer of repute amidst the video production and professionals with 20 years of experience in corporate video production, TV commercials, Event photography/videography, video musical and TV shows, marketing and technical literature photography, catalogue and brochure photography, among others.

Sayo Aluko is quick to establish a rapport with our clients and instantly sets them at ease with his professional but easy-going style. As a photographer/cinematographer, Sayo has a unique perspective of what works within the confines of the lens and is able to produce arresting and memorable.

Judith Ebimo Administrative Assistant
Promise Osibe Cinematographer/ Graphics
Akorede Salami Cinematographer/ Editor
Adekunle Yusuf Logistic Manager
GodsLove Etim Cinematographer/ Editor
Anjola Aluko Cinematographer/ Editor