Screen Supply

Screen Supply


LED video wall technology is fast becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to deliver seamless images, scalability to any size or shape, and excellent optimal characteristics that make video wall content look great from any angle.

LED which stands for light-emitting diode, is a semiconductor light source, arranged on a video display panel as pixels, classified by the gap between each LED pixel.

Thanks to its high resolution and pixel pitch, it excel in brightness and reliability, producing stunning visuals for any location.

LED walls can be used pretty much anywhere. From large, captivating displays to smaller applications, you’ve likely seen LED walls in the following setting:
• Churches
• Offices
• Events
• Amusement park rides
• Art displays
• Simulation systems

At Ruggedboots Production, We provide wide range of LED displays for indoor events to solutions for the biggest outdoor public and sporting venues. Our Understanding of Viewing Distance guidelines make it simple to select the video wall displays with the perfect pixel pitch for your space and viewing audience.

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We offer total multimedia solution and also provide stand-alone services, which allow us the flexibility required by our customers.

In our passion to offer value, we have a simplistic approach to our customer engagement strategy and value service offering;

We fit ourselves into the customers’ shoes and come up with creative proposals backed by our knowledge of the customer’s target market. In this case, we meet with the customer to discuss this proposal and potential value for customer acceptance.
We build and establish a partnership relationship with our customers, which position us to become their trusted advisor. We are able to seat with the customers to understand their goals and objectives after which we provide value proposition to assist our customers excel in their plans.
We are at all times conscious that our aim in giving excellent service is to delight our customers and as a key part of our customer engagement we seek win-win situation for all parties.
Our business ethos is summed up in the acronym “C3” from Capture, Create and Captivate. Our objective at all time is to Capture (to understand and/or record) clients brief accurately in word, pictures or video; to Create (to develop, birth, bring into existence, or to make new) imaginatively and to Captivate (to attract, hold the interest, command attention by being extremely interesting, exciting, pleasant) with our output.