Oando – Check Engine TVC Video Packaged

Projects planned and executed

We have had opportunity to work with several customers across different industries, providing a bouquet of services.

Our crew has produced and directed several movies and TV contents all of which have been a huge success from our first production – Green Grass; unto “Swings”; “Give me a spouse or I die”; “Just Deluded”; and most recent production “Abata”

Oando - Check Engine TVC Video Packaged

Our business ethos is summed up in the acronym “C3” from Capture, Create and Captivate. Our objective at all time is to Capture (to understand and/or record) clients brief accurately in word, pictures or video; to Create (to develop, birth, bring into existence, or to make new) imaginatively and to Captivate (to attract, hold the interest, command attention by being extremely interesting, exciting, pleasant) with our output.